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Use the time
spent in the car


Lady Pinecone™ – a natural automotive aromatherapy & fragrance system for health and pleasure of the driver and passengers.


Use the time
spent in the car


Lady Pinecone™ – a natural automotive aromatherapy & fragrance system for health and pleasure of the driver and passengers.

The most anticipated at any event, a synonym of class and elegance, fresh in every detail, loved by many and available to many …

Ladies and Gentlemen, let us introduce…

Lady Pinecone™

Car aromatherapy kit:
1 Lady Pinecone™ set with 1 blend of essential oils.

Car aromatherapy kit:
2 Lady Pinecone™ set with 5 blends of essential oils.

Specially composed mixtures for inhalation.

VIGILANCE – for concentration
PROTECTION  – against viruses
IMMUNITY – against colds
TRAVEL – for motion sickness
SINUSES – for a runny noses

Custom compositions available for wholesale orders.

HORIZONTAL mount for majority of cars.

VERTICAL mount for some of cars.

Lady Pinecone™ usage is so simple.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to adjust the fixing on the grille?
Very simple: sliding the elastic bands on Lady Pinecone™.
Why should I use droplets and not use a bottle, e.g. with a wooden cap, and not use a drip before each trip?
Because it is healthier and safer. Let me explain: essential oils do not like light at high temperatures - they should be stored in a dark and cool place, and a car left with a bottle in the sun makes us destroy all the good properties of the essential oil very quickly. The second argument is the hanging bottle on the mirror or the fan, not only does it interfere with the field of vision, it can also irritatingly knock and is within the reach of children ...
Why are there pictograms on the bottle if they are natural products?
Because essential oils are NATURAL biologically active chemicals and they are required by law. There should be pictograms on every essential oil - if we want to be honest and care for the safety of our customers! Each SDS contains essential oil, and many end packages do not. Why? Does this mean that those without pictograms are safer? NO! Their improper use causes hazards that are warned against by pictograms.
Is Lady Pinecone™ protected against overdosing of essential oils?
Yes. By exceeding the recommended number of drops, you can damage Lady Pinecone™. Remember: in this case, more is not better!
Why so few droplets?
The answer above, and moreover, effective aromatherapy (inhalation) is sufficiently small amount of essential oil!
Do these mixtures repel insects?
Some of them do, they make flies or mosquitoes avoid the fragrant interior of the vehicle. These include: Travel, Protection, Sinuses.
Can you change the smells at Lady Pinecone™?
YES, as long as you are using pure essential oils. After 2-5 days - most of the essential oils evaporate effectively, there are of course exceptions that smell longer, eg patchouli, ylang ylang ... The great advantage of Lady Pinecone™ is its openness to new fragrances and the ability to "cleanse" old ones. Thanks to this, it is very ecological, safe and properly treated, it will support you for many years.
What is the shelf life of essential oil blends?
On Lady Pinecone™ from 1 to 5 days, it depends on the temperature, humidity and exposure to light. Generally - essential oils stored properly retain their best properties for about 2 years. There are also exceptions here - there are oils that, like wine, the older the better.
What is the time of live of Lady Pinecone™?
If used in accordance with the instructions, it will serve many years.
What happens when Lady Pinecone™'s essential oil blend drips onto your hand or dashboard?
Redness and / or burning may develop in people with very sensitive skin. The hand should be wiped with a tissue, and it is best to wash it thoroughly under running water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer (now widely available). Wipe the dashboard dry with a damp tissue or cloth.
How long do Lady Pinecone™ essential oil blends last?
One 10ml bottle is approx. 250 drops; 2 to 5 drops should be used once, it is even 3 months of fresh and natural application and inhalation daily.
What is the best way to store Lady Pinecone™ mixtures?
If in the car it is in the largest compartment - usually in front of the passenger - it is dark and cooler than in the car, if you want to use the mixture at work or at home - then in a bag, purse - generally in a dark and cool place.
Does Lady Pinecone™ fit the grilles of all cars?
Yes, although there are special cases, such as the Audi A8 or older Jaguar XF models - in this type of vehicle Lady Pinecone™ fits, but you must remember to remove it before closing the ventilation grilles or install it in another place, e.g. an unused seat belt.
Are inhalation mixtures only for cars?
No - they will also be perfect at home and at work. You can use them with Lady Pinecone™, for example, on the desk at the workplace or hang on the curtains at home. They can also be used in commercially available diffusers or aroma fireplaces.
What does a good atmosphere in the car mean?
Of course, in this case it is all about the smell - natural, supporting health, condition and, above all, safety during the trip. What is the atmosphere in the car? How does it affect you - the driver or your passengers? The atmosphere in the car can be heavy, unbearable, irritating, maddening, boring ... or cheerful, energizing, stimulating, pleasant, refreshing ... And its sources are company and its behavior, our relationships with passengers, the sounds that surround us and ... smell - that is, the only thing that is very difficult to hide from because we breathe, and "the smell is the brother of the breath" ["Pachnidło", P Suskind]. It is relatively easy to isolate yourself from the rest - passengers, sounds 🙂

We are looking for EU Distributors and Partners.

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Our products are heavily customized. We can offer custom sets, oil compositions and additional branding.

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